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He offers $3,000 for info on dogs

I can identify with the owners feelings. My mom did the same thing. Except she changed her mind at the last minute. The thing is if she had done, then I would probably have killed myself.

Gin, was the only thing that made life living at home bearable.

Stupid mother fucker!


New Paper
28 July 2009

He wants to know where dogs are, but couple now can't be contacted. So...

He offers $3,000 for info on dogs

His mother gives his dogs away to stranger coupleHIS mother put his two dogs up for adoption on a local classifieds website without his knowledge.

Now he says he has no idea where they are or even if they are still alive.

Worried, Mr Kenny Lim, 31, an underwriter, is offering a reward of $3,000 for anyone who can provide information on their whereabouts.

Mr Lim bought Hofy, a jack russell, from a pet shop in 2001 when it was just three months old.


Fifi, a daschund, was rescued from an abusive owner in 2007. Mr Lim estimates that she is 3 years old this year.

The trouble started when his son was born last year. 'My mother has been wanting me and my wife Vivien to give up our dogs as she was convinced that it was bad for my son's health and dangerous too,' said Mr Lim.

He said his mother decided to take action when Hofy accidentally hurt the boy three months ago.

Soon after the incident, Mr Lim's mother put both dogs up for adoption.

WHERE ARE THEY? Hofy, a jack russell, and Fifi, a daschund. PICTURE: KENNY LIM

He was not home when she gave the two dogs away to a couple, known only as Xueli and Ray, after they responded to her online ad.

'Having convinced my wife to give the dogs up, my mum gave them to the couple a month after the ad was put up, ' said Mr Lim.

He estimates the couple to be in their late teens to early 20s.

When Mr Lim found out the dogs were given away, he was concerned for the well-being of his dogs and sent multiple messages to Xueli and Ray, who had left their handphone numbers on the ad website.

However, he didn't receive any response from the couple.

Two weeks after his dogs were given away, MrLim decided to pay a surprise visit to Xueli and Ray. He said the couple had left the address when they took the dogs.

It was a flat in Yishun. There seemed to be a number of tenants, but a couple there admitted that they were the ones who had taken the dogs.

But Hofy and Fifi were not there.

'The flat was small and rather messy. The only dog that I saw was a small chihuahua. I questioned the couple, asking them where Hofy and Fifi were.

'They told me that Hofy was given to someone who lived in Johor, while Fifi was taken back by my mother, which was obviously untrue,' he said.

Mr Lim said he became increasingly frustrated at the couple when they refused to reveal the contact details of the dogs' new owners.

'I only wanted to make sure my dogs were all right,' he said.

Mr Lim said if he is able to locate his dogs, he will try to get them back.

'After all this happened, I don't trust anyone with my dogs any more. I'll definitely take them back,' he said.

False addresses

After the confrontation outside the couple's flat, Mr Lim said they refused to deal with him again.

'They said that I was rude and intimidating, so they only spoke with my wife from then on,' he said.

When Mrs Lim asked for the location of the dogs, she was given a series of false addresses, said MrLim.

He said: 'When we first asked where the dogs where, they gave my wife an address. However, the address turned out to be fake. When we confronted them about it, they said the dogs were taken away to some new place.

'This happened on three separate occasions over a few weeks. Each time, they would give us an address, but every time we went down, the addresses were either fake or our dogs weren't there.'

Desperate, Mr Lim offered the couple $3,000 in exchange for genuine information about his dogs.

But the couple turned down his offer with vulgarities, he said, claiming that they felt deeply insulted.

'The very next day, however, one of them contacted my wife asking for $250, instructing her to go to the Yishun flat alone to hand over the money.

'They promised to help us after getting the money,' said Mr Lim.

Fearing for her safety, Mrs Lim said she would only hand over the money after they received accurate information.

This did not sit well with the couple. 'He (Ray) responded with vulgarities again and told my wife to forget about ever finding our dogs,' said Mr Lim.

Since then, the couple have not responded to any of his messages or phone calls.

A Google search revealed postings from someone named Xueli on various forums indicating an interest in adopting dogs, including another jack russell and a maltese puppy.

When The New Paper tried to contact the couple, a young woman answered the phone.

'I keep some dogs for myself and give some others away,' she said, when asked what happens to the dogs she adopts.

Upon further questioning, she hung up the phone. Subsequent attempts to contact her were unsuccessful.

Mr Lim said he is worried about the fate of his dogs and the other pets that the couple have adopted.

'They told my mother that their parents loved dogs, and that they would take good care of them. However, my dogs were nowhere to be found at their flat.'

They may sell the dogs they adopt to dog breeders, he said.

'It's an easy way to make a quick buck.'

Those with information about the dogs can contact Mr Lim at 9863 8946, or send an e-mail to koralynne@gmail.com

Benita Aw Yeong, newsroom intern


Original Postings by Owners

My 2 dogs, Hofy and Fifi, were put up for adoption via this website in late April. (The link can be found here: gumtreeSometime in mid May, they were eventually taken away by their new owners, one young girl and one young man by the names of XUELI and RAY.

2 weeks later, I paid a surprise visit to their flat only to find that my dogs were both not there. I questioned the people who took my dogs; they claimed they had given my dogs away, but refused to reveal to whom nor their contact details. Subsequently, they contacted my wife and gave her an address, saying that was where my dogs were; the address turned out to be fake. When we confronted them about it, they said the dogs were taken away to some new place. This happened on 3 separate occasions over a few weeks. Each time they would give us an address, but every time we went, the addresses were either fake or our dogs weren’t there.

Since then, my wife and I have been desperately contacting these people, pleading with them to tell us what had happened to our dogs, to no avail. They responded with vulgarities instead. We offered them money, but they turned us down angrily, claiming they felt insulted. However, the very next day, one of them contacted my wife asking for $250, instructing her to go alone to their flat to hand over the money, after which he would then agree to help us. My wife obviously did not believe him, but instead said she would give him the money as soon as he tells us the truth about our dogs. He responded with vulgarities again and told her to forget about ever finding our dogs. They have not responded to all our calls or messages eversince. What puzzles us, as much as it distresses us, is what could they have possibly done to our dogs, and why can’t they simply tell us the truth?

It has been almost 2 months now, and I fear our chances of getting our dogs back lessens with each passing day.

We are hereby offering a $3000 cash reward to anyone who can provide information regarding the fate of Hofy and Fifi.
We may be contacted at 98638946 (Kenny) / 81897013 (Vivien) / 96775009 (Michelle)

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