Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am on Twitter!

Yes, I have jumped on the Twitter wagon. Been a few days, less than 1 week and I have managed 750 twits as of date.

And I have 225 followers! Not bad for a twitter virgin! However, most of my followers are spams/porn, so nothing to be envious about. My followers used to be higher. About 250 till I start blocking spam/porn.

I do missed blogging. And I dun think twitting can ever replace blogging. At least for me. Its like comparing peanuts to cookies. Peanuts are not that physically filling as compared to cookies.

Yes, I will be back blogging soon. As soon as I am tired of twitting, which I already am.

So, if interested, just click on

Oh ya, I did not let anyone on twitters know I have this blog, so its our little secret.

The Wicked adventure continues!

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