Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bored and Depressed

I am really NOT in a good place right now. I am BORED, DEPRESSED and RESTLESS.

I have not felt this way for a long time.

Nothing seemed to interest me and nothing seemed able to hold my attention for more than a while.

SO is too busy with work to notice.

Feels like crying, but at this age, I have sort of run out of tears.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Kicked out of Face book group ....AGAIN!

I was just surfing the net and checking my secondary school alumni facebook group when I noticed that I could no longer view the other members or the forum discussions. At first, I thought it was just page layout problems or some technical problem.

And on further explorations, I discovered that I was "kicked out" of the group! Again!

Originally, the group was open, meaning anyone with a facebook account can view the group but only members of the group can post on the group.

But as of today, that group is now closed and I am no longer part of the facebook group.

I am pissed. How could they just kicked me out without informing me!

I was bitching about this to SO when he called me a babe in the woods. And what that means is a naive or innocent person; an inexperienced person. (Like a child lost in the woods.)

He said that in the first place, he wun be bothered to join such a alumni face book group.

I told him that I did nothing wrong in the group. I did not criticize anyone or insult anyone. I just withhold my identity! The thing is no one asked who I am!

This girl did though. But I told her I am not ready to reveal my identity.

Will post further on another day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A must watch move about Death

Went to watch the Japanese movie "Departures" today at GV.

I had heard some rather good reviews about this "death" movie. About how it was almost full house on weekdays afternoons when most movies play to empty halls. Heard about the laughter in the first part of the movie and the tears of the audience that flowed towards the end of the movie.

And I was truly intrigued! I really wanted to see people walking out of cinemas, eyes red, crying after a movie. That I have never seen!

So I dragged SO, who normally dun like foreign films, to the cinemas. Not our usual chain of movie theatres, which offered a 50% discount on the 2nd movie ticket on Sunday, simply by flashing our handphone operator logo.

We paid for 2 full price weekend tickets! And that's a rarity! That's how much we wanted to watch this movie!


"Departures" was truly one of the best shows I have seen this year ...so far. Even better than "Push" of 2 weeks ago or even "Watchmen" last week. Those were 2 truly boring movies!

Frankly, the story of the "Departures" was so simple and there were no great special effects or drama. The movie captured the audience with the subject of death.

This musician, Daigo Kobayashi (Masahiro Motoki) became unemployed after the symphony orchestra he was working for, disbanded. So he moved back to his hometown with his wife.

There he cluelessly took on the job of that of the ceremonial “encoffination” (is there even such a word?) of corpses prior to cremation.

And from there and then Daigo developed "a deep respect for life in all its variations, and a profound empathy for people trying to make peace with the finality of death". (as quoted from the official movie website)

There was this scene in the movie where an old lady was about to be cremated and her adult son wanted to watch his mother's cremation. And as she was cremated in the furnace (not actually shown), the son was crying and calling out to his mother.

I turned to my side and I saw SO crying. Softly. Eyes red, trying to control his tears. And I am sure that quite a few audience in the cinema were tearing softly too. That's how emotional it was.

Well, as for me, yeah, I did felt the sadness and there were times when I was very near to tears. Especially when the living bade farewell to the dead. But I held myself back. It was difficult.

It was a really touching movie, worthy of the Oscar foreign film award 2009. The show had its great moments of brilliance, comic and sadness and at about 2 hours and 30 mins (150 mins total) felt just right.

And when the movie finally ended, well, the audience seemed reluctant to leave.

Normally when movies ended, audience would just rushed out. But not for this movie.

We were only of those who left after the end credits rolled for about 3 minutes. I think that quite a few of the audience were too embarrassed to be seen with red eyes and eyes tearing. So as the final credits rolled, they just sat there, trying to get over a hold over themselves.

After the movie, I confronted SO about his tears and that Bitch simply denied it. He simply refused to talk about it. He said it never happened. He claimed that he never cried. And then he gave a sheepish, guilty laugh.

Well, I am sure the movie touched quite a few people.

To me, it's sad, but not that sad. But yet, this is one of the sadder movies I have watched so far. I think few movies are this sad. But for a movie, dealing with the sensitive subject of death, sadness and tears are to be expected. All of us can identified with Death.

After all, all of us have to die some time or another. No one is truly immortal. And I am sure, we all knew someone who had passed away, be it a friend, a family, a relative or someone we know etc.

I rate this movie a 8.5 out of 10! A must watch! Especially when there is this surge of stupid movies this time of the year like "Street fighter - Chun li" and "Dragon ball revolution".

And when "Departures" the VCD or DVD comes out, I am going to get my hands on a copy.

MINDEF's Forum Letter on CPT(Dr) Allan Ooi

Mindef has finally responded to the media news of death of Allan Ooi.

Frankly, when such shit hit government agencies, they have to do an investigation and then sugar coated whatever could be real. The public must never know the truth!

If the truth is out, who dare to sign up for SAF scholarship in the future?

Well, what the letter did is that it explained the chain of facts that happened. It did not quite fleshed out the story behind the story.

I dun suppose we would ever know what happened to make Allan want to take his life.


MINDEF's Forum Letter on CPT(Dr) Allan Ooi

Posted: 20 Mar 2009, 1200 hours (Time is GMT +8 hours)

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) extend our deepest condolences to the family of the late CPT (Dr) Ooi Seng Teik Allan.

MINDEF wishes to clarify certain facts regarding media reports on CPT (Dr) Ooi's service in the SAF and his scholarship bond.

CPT (Dr) Ooi joined the SAF in Jan 2000 and was sponsored under the Local Study Award (Medicine) for his medical studies at the National University of Singapore, and completed his housemanship in Apr 2006. Thereafter, he completed the SAF's Medical Officer Cadet Course and was commissioned in Aug 2006. He then served for one and a half years in the Air Force Medical Service.

He was sponsored by the SAF for further specialist training in Aviation Medicine in the United Kingdom in Jan 2008. Upon completing this course in Jul 2008, he was posted to the Aeromedical Centre to perform clinical and staff work. CPT (Dr) Ooi was scheduled to go for his hospital posting at the end of 2009.

While serving at the Aeromedical Centre CPT (Dr) Ooi informed his superior that he was unhappy at work and was considering leaving the SAF. On 3 Oct 2008, his superior offered him the option of posting to an appointment which he would be interested in.

CPT (Dr) Ooi agreed to consider this option and to get back to his superior in two weeks' time. However, he did not do so. He also did not submit any application to leave the SAF. CPT (Dr) Ooi went Absent Without Official Leave on 15 Oct 2008.

Recipients of the Local Study Award (Medicine) are required to serve a 12-year bond after completing their housemanship. Of these 12 years, 6 years will be spent in hospitals to acquire clinical competency in fields needed by the SAF. The other 6 years will be spent in command and staff positions with the SAF Medical Corps performing duties such as the clinical care of SAF servicemen, and professional development of military medicine.

SAF officers who take up sponsorship have a responsibility to serve the full period of their bonds as substantial resources and time have been devoted to training them. Otherwise they will leave gaps in key positions in the SAF. Nevertheless, if an officer wishes to leave the service early, he can submit an application through a proper process. Approval to leave the service will be granted only under strong and extenuating circumstances.

Colonel Darius Lim
Director Public Affairs
Ministry of Defence

Saturday, March 21, 2009

3 months performance bonus!


SO announced that he has received news that he would received about 3 months performance bonus on the 24 of March!

And since I am working as his Ministry of Home Affairs, I would get the same pro-rated bonus as him.

His grade this year is B, I think.

Last year, his grade was A, and he got about 4 months bonus.

And then some time last year, his boss called him in. He was told that for his ranking, he was the 2nd highest paid.

He was given a grade A for his appraisal cos he was in charge of an important project last year. And this year, he just had to maintain that project, hence no grade A.

His boss said that they could not give him a grade A every year though there was he did not slack in his job performance. His boss said the organisation would not afford to give him A every year. He also said that it would not be fair to the other staff.

Well, SO was a bit pissed about it when he was told that. He felt that then this would not be a true reflection appraisal of his work performance for the past year.

But then, 3 months performance is better than 2 months or even one month. Or nothing!
Frankly, in these times of recession, I am just glad that he is even getting more than 2 months performance bonus.

And we are going to save most of that bonus!

Oh yeah, SO just said he would give me only 2 months bonus, cos I overspend at the IT fair.

Oh well!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Allan Ooi farewell email

The chinese papers, Sin Ming Daily has published a translation of Allan Ooi's supposedly last farewell email on 12 March 2009.

However, according to information on the Blogosphere, the papers also has omitted certain "sensitive" portion of the original letter because it involves the military and the government.

Below is the newspaper article, from Sin Ming 12 Mar 2009.

Is the letter really authentic? Really from Allan Ooi ? Or is it just an elaborated hoax cooked up to tarnish Allan Ooi 's reputation?

I reserved my comments for this post for the time being.

Just read and judge for yourself.


Allan chinese


Below is the supposedly last farewell that is circulating around. Rumors are that it MAY be published in part or full by the main English papers in the next few days.


Source: The Wayang Party Club

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Deleted Rant by Ms LL

The below is a post by Ms LL, a local actress and now host of a reality documentary.

The other day, I was reading her blog and came across this gem of a post. She was ranting about some corporate fellow she encountered while filming the documentary.

Frankly, I know the post would not last, cos it was too vocal and fiery. Like her. Our dear Ms LL.

I would have to say I rather admired her passion in work. I mean no one can rant like that without some passion in her work attitude.

Personally, for me, if something similar were to happen to me, I would probably just yawn right through. I am passionate but just NOT that passionate.

So rather than let the post fade into oblivion which would be a great pity, I have reproduced the entire post from cache.


(Names have been changed to avoid any embarrassment.)



potentially offensive rant

Warning: The following includes a potentially offensive rant. It is the opinion of ONE person in the media. It might not reflect anyone else's even though there is truth in it. Read at your own risk.

The premise of UA (documentary Ms LL is hosting) is a good one - to provide viewers a glimpse to places previously concealed. No topic is taboo and no information privileged. That's what I thought I signed up for anyway. Unfortunately, I find that sometimes it seems more like a sanitized corporate video full of PR ho-hums than a look behind closed doors. Red tape, saving face, needing to protray what is deemed right and good versus what is accurate... reasons are aplenty. Not right nor wrong, just different outlooks. And my stance as a host is constant: What makes for good viewing? What does my viewer want to see?

(1) Intelligence.

I for one loathe the usual self-explanatory, imbecilic set ups common in our local shows. Eg. host enters shop and says "I am entering the shop". Actor in drama unleashes a livid tirade and the other actor (who obviously just ingested some stupid pills) asks "Is he angry?" Don't insult the viewers' intelligence please.

(2) Realness.

Haven't you seen enough of contrived, over-done flamboyance on telly? Keep it real dawg. Often the success of any script, show, acting is exacting the conveying what is not said.

(3) Dignity.

Because the tv biz (including the actor's job) is so reliant on sponsors etc, the station/production house/producer/actor often find themselves in the compromising position right below somebody else's ass. This can result in horrific PR plugs (tie in with gagging contrivance) and just something that is so not true.

And all the above points, ultimately, to objectively showing things as it is. It's there. Don't pretend it's not. Don't sugar coat it. Don't burden it with notions of superstition, righteousness, negativity etc. It is what it is.

So I am going on about it primarily because I feel bad. The ratings for UA has been stellar. Our first ep did better than the Finals of SI (local star search show for singers) and second ep even better! If the ratings were otherwise, I don't think I'll feel this sense of having jibbed the viewers. Some righteous part of me suffers the idea that you are watching a show that promises to deliver but doesn't.

And I particularly feel this way because we've been suffering a few miserable days at the shipyard. It is common to be accompanied by the reps from the corp office to ensure that things are ok and that there is no misrepresentation on our side about them (you know how things can be twisted in the media..) but my experience shooting there has been sickening. I shall be quick to qualify that I am voicing my personal opinions. Not the production company's, not the station's etc. They have their hands tied. I don't. Which leaves me free to opine.

Anyway, you know what shipyards are like - humungus machineries, inconceivably heavy loads, non-stop welding, 4-ton metal sheets, intense heat, 300,000 ton ships , great heights and great depths .. an invitation to accidents basically. I had to sit through 30 minutes of Safety Induction when I first arrived so I'm guessing I can't be far wrong. We were shown pictures of nails embedded in eyeballs (because the worker didn't wear his goggles), fingers lobbed off and broken thigh bones.. Zero Incidents is what they're aiming for and all you see everywhere are Safety signs. I was impressed to begin with - the meticulous design of a shipyard. The care of the workers for safety. I met with some wonderful individuals who are knowledgeable and passionate, most of all completely affable. So it was great until Mr Corp Com, our appendage throughout the entire shoot, appeared to vehemently insist that danger and accidents do not exist in a shipyard. He continued to shove it down our throats, and went so far as to dictating how and what to say and shoot. Which is 'safety this safety that because our shipyard is just so safe and excellent' and all that masterbatory propaganda.

I know it's their perogative what they want said or not. And they do have a company to protect. But this really crosses the line into disrespect, especially when there was a clear threat that any dissatisfaction on their part will directly impact the production company's next project with them. And while some aspects of their excellence and safety is true, the more glaring truth is the cover ups they are commiting. Big time gross.

So, is the shipyard interesting? Yes .. when we're able to find aspects that appeal. But certainly not when it is dictated for us what we are supposed to find interesting. With a gun to our heads to boot. I felt sorry for the director. He had to contend with an office schmuck directing his show.

Anyhow. I've had my catharsis.

Good news. Remember that meeting I had at MC (Media company that broadcast UN) ? I'd mentioned to the spectacular team there that some of the great materials we've shot are distressingly dumped on the cutting room floor. And because there has been such positive reviews and feedback from everyone of you (thanks guys), they realised that we might be able to post some of the censored bits online for you. So check out the MC site (I'll provide a link) - Ep 1's embalming bits are there.

I hope you realise the voice YOU have. You can try to convince the station what you might want to watch in the forum etc. Follow the civil defence to scenes of suicides and watch them scoop up scattered brain matter? What happens when an offender is caned? Who is the hangman at the prison? There is a plethora of topics I find interesting but am told that it is too far out. The production company can't do much either. Maybe you the viewer can :)

Posted by LL at 3/04/2009 09:57:00 PM


LL said...

I was told I should withdraw it as it could unleash a floodgate of negative stuff. I thought about it and figured that it didn't make much of a difference to me, and since it mattered so much to someone else, I could do them the favor of removing it.

March 9, 2009 10:44 PM

Borders 30% discount (40% if you are a member)


Borders currently has a promotion on offer. They are offering 30% off one full price book, and preferred members will received a further 10 % off. Offer valid till Thu, 19 March 2009.

This offer only applies to full price books and audio books. Does not include CDs, DVDs, VCDs, etc.

Just print out the coupon and present it during purchase. One book per coupon. So print as many as you want.

I dun think there is a actual limit on the number of books one can buy. The most we have used is 5 or 6 coupons at one time.

I was thinking, damn, too greedy and doubt they would accept. But the staff there did not blinked when we used that many coupons.

Member is only $20.30 (inclusive of Gst) a year, which is really quite worth it as the 40% promotion happens a few times a year and not twice a year like the other cheapo Japo book giant in town.

And no, Borders is not paying me a single cent to say this. I can only wish!

I am sharing this cos this is a genuine offer! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New gadget for Blog

I was just checking my site traffic stats when i discovered that someone had actually linked me in her blog.

I actually have a reader! Yah!

And I was listed among Kenny Sia And Mr Miyagi in her list!

Frankly, I am honoured!

But this blog is just my indulgence. I dun seek anything from it. Hence, I only blogged when inspired. Which is not very often.

And frankly I am surprised with the relatively "high" readership per month.

From last year June 2008 to this year Feb 2008, I have about 3,000 hits. That average about 333 hits a month. And that is without doing any promotions, marketing or publicity.

Not bad for an indulgence!

So inspired by this, I added a new gadget to the blog, "Followers".

Oh yah, I also changed the title of the blog from iWicked Chronicles to A Little Wicked.

Death of my Wireless

I was happily surfing the net using Opera Mini on my mobile N85 yesterday afternoon when my wireless dropped dead!

I could not connect to my wireless broadband!! I just could not detect my wireless network!

And I tried all afternoon and gave up by evening time. My wireless is dead! Dead!

So when SO came back, we fiddled with the wireless modem for a while but still could not get it to work.

I then took out the modem Singnet sent us last year when we recontract. I did not use this new modem cos the old one (the one that died yesterday) was functioning very well. And thus I did not see any point in doing so. Besides I was lazy.

Well, the new modem did not have the term "Wireless" stated anywhere in the box or packaging.

And when I connected the modem, I realised, yeah, this modem is NOT wireless! No choice. Beggars cannot be choosers! Just have to make do with the non wireless one.

But damn, I am still not satisfied. I am so used to using wireless for the past few years, I just dun like using wires! Besides, I mostly surf the net using my phone. And with NO wireless, I just cannot do so!

So i got SO to call Singnet technical support but they said if there is no light on the ASDL, then it's dead. Singnet said we could try calling the modem manufacturer, 2Wire.

He also was advised to call Singnet Sales unit to ask why we were given a wired modem instead of a wireless modem.

I feel so lost. I am so used to reading blogs and sites on my mobile. I checked the net using my phone about once an hour, sometimes even more. It's the first thing I do when I wake up each morning and the last thing I do before I sleep at night.

And not being able to detect my wireless network and surfing the net on my phone is starting to make me crankly and restless.

I am mumbling here. I have been sick for the last week. Been sick since last monday and I have been coughing since.

Another NTU stabbing Facebook group

There is another NTU stabbing Face Book Group, Investigate The Death of DAVID WIDJAJA Thoroughly - USUT TUNTAS KEMATIANNYA.

This group has even more members than the other group, 1420 at present day. And quite a large number of the members are Indonesians or have indonesian sounding names.

What is the world coming to?

And below is the group description statement:


I am one of David Hartanto's close friend and I am here to give you some facts, assumptions, possibilities about this case


1. Lok Tat Seng: Dean of Student of NTU gathered all Indonesian students in International Student Center on evening after incident and he just said there was witness on the spot who saw David's body lying on the ground, dead. Dean did not said that witness saw David jumped from balcony. And that is, according to him, all he has saw.

2. The only official statement from police is: David was found dead at the crime scene, they did not mention whether he commited suicide.

The link: http://www.straitstimes.com/STI/STIM...20at%20NTU.pdf

They also just mention 'The professor was believed to be stabbed'. The police did not say that 'the professor was stabbed'. Where this assumption come from? Why they did not say about it?

3. I and some Indonesian students gather tonight, 3 March 2009, at 8 pm, at International Student Center and talked to David's parent. They have seen his body. There was NO WOUND whatsoever on his wrists and police also has confirmed it.

I assumed that his parent would not lie it means that all media news about 'David slashed his wrist' was FAKE.

4. The wounds found on David's body, according to his parents, were on his head (It is assumed due to fall injury), and slash wound on his neck. The wound on his neck is very suspicious, in my opinion. How he received that wound?? Again, according to his parent, police guessed that it may be happened when the bottom part of his head smashed the ground. In that case, his chin will have broken and it did not.


1. David stabbed professor. How did you know? The crime scene is closed room, only David and that professor. No one see what has happened. Eye-witness only saw David run out from that room.

2. David commited suicide. How could someone who commited suicide drop himself into glassed roof, instead of directly drop himself to ground.

3. David slashed his wrist. I do not know where this news came from...

4. David's motivation.

4.1. He pissed off since his prof did not give satisfactory grade
The grade has not been released and he even has not submitted the report. It is also NTu policy not to inform the student about the grade which they got before release of the result.

4.2. He has mental problem
No record in Student Counselling Centre about his attendance. For bright student as him, I did not believe that he did not attend counseling if he has some problems. Also, he still brought bag with usual daily stuff, on incident day, such as drink bottle, towel, etc. If David planned to kill someone why would he prepare to bring such things. It is easier for him to just bring one knife and stab his prof on spot.

4.3. He pissed off because his scholarship has been revoked
I knew David since I was his roommate for 2 consecutive years during Mathematical Olympiad training camp. He almost did not qualify for IMO, only managed to get at 14th rank from 15 people selected. He still joked and laughed to me at that time. He also did not get anything from IMO and still fine, not seemed depressed whatsoever, and according to his parents, he said 'At least, I managed to represent Indonesia at IMO' .

He also still play Hammerfall game in Facebook at 2 am on the incident day. My friend saw his Facebook account online. How come a murderer played game in the night before incident? If I was him, I will seriously think how would I prepare myself tomorrow

1. Professor attacked David. I deduced this thing for several key points.
According to many reports, David's cloth was soaked on blood. If the blood is the result from slashing his wrist, it should not soak his cloth since wrist is far from body. If the wound is from neck, it is easier.

2. David tried to run from Professor. After he realized that he was attacked, he resisted and run from that room, with wound on his neck.

3. David falled because of unconsciousness. He became panic and probably lose his common sense because of terrible bleeding, drop himself down into glassed roof to escape from his Professor.

I am responsible for what I have written here, and contact me at kaminari.no.me@gmail.com if you need any clarification.

"NTU stabbing" conspiracy Face book group

I was reading about the NTU stabbing when I came across this Facebook group, For the Truth Behind the NTU Stabbing Incident.

The group currently has 887 members and is founded by this seemingly creepy looking guy Aen. Aen strongly felt there is more than meets the eye and that David Hartanto Widjadja may not have been the aggressor in the stabbing incident .

I am definitely NOT promoting or joining this group. The concept behind the group smacks too much of some media-police conspiracy cover up theory.

The the fact that such a group can even manage to gather 887 members is scary. Either that guy Aen has a lot of friends out there or there are that many crazy people out there who actually shared the belief that there is a conspiracy against a foreign student's death.

Anyway, below is the description statement of the Face Book group. Read at your own risk!


I was not eager to name this group based on the "stabbing" incdent in NTU because nobody can be sure what really happened. Police investigations are underway and the media has been doing a lousy job with their rotten, biased and sensationalist reports. Nonetheless, I have chosen to name as such because everybody had come to know of this news as such.

Like myself a few days ago, many of you might not have been fully aware of what had happened in NTU on March 02 morning. The gist of it is, unlike what the media has vividly but groundlessly reported, a bloodied David Hartanto Widjadja, an NTU student from Indonesia had been seen running out from NTU Professor Chan Kap Luk's office and subsequently jumped onto a linkway between two blocks from the fifth storey and then falling off the linkway to his death. Any details in between are currently all speculation, some realistic, some biased and some ridiculous. But all of them raise questions. Questions that begs us people to police the media and the authorities. What we want is the truth and the truth can only be told with utmost transparency and honesty. As a united group of people who have confidence in the Singapore justice system, we demand no less than transparency and honesty. This group has been set up to question if the need arises. We will not accuse but we will aggressively question.

What Has the Media Done?
Shortly after the incident happened, the media was quick to report as vividly as they could what they think have happened, that David stabbed Professor Chan and then slit his wrists and jumped off a building to his death, based on "witness" accounts, even though doors of the office where it happened were closed. They published the biased stories anyway, and many have guess, possibly as an attempt to shift the blame to David Hartanto Widjadja, portraying him as a deranged, depressed, vengeful, suicidal and murderous loner while victimizing Professor Chan Kap Luk. The fact could be very far from what is reported as David's family has reported no slit wounds on his wrists.

What Can You Do?
Don't believe what the media says and help to ensure the correct informations gets circulated. Combat the biased and unfair reports by telling people around you what are facts and what are not. You should also spread the word by recruiting more members to this group. The more voices we have, the stronger our message. You can do this by inviting ALL your friends to the group and posting the group on your profile by using the "share" feature. You can also blog about the group and mention it to people. Your help is needed in our campaign. We will be a voice to be reckoned with should the time comes for us to speak up.

The Next Step
have a thing to say? Thoughts on this matter? More speculation? Have an idea that would improve the system? Go to the forums and join a discussion, or even start one. We are getting bigger and stronger. Let's put our numbers to good use.

The Kose (we are harvesting contacts?) email

I just received an email from Kose saying their free Mask White is out of stock.

Frankly, I do not know if this is a genuine free sample promotion or just a gimmick to harvest consumers contacts information??

Next time, I would think thrice before falling for such marketing gimmicks again.

Lets see when they would start spamming those idiots (me included) who submitted our personal information.


Dear XXX,

We would like to express our appreciation for your interest in KOSÉ’s events and products.

We regret to inform you that the KOSÉ Mask White sample is out of stock at all KOSÉ counters due to the overwhelming response.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Kindly visit our website at www.kose.com.sg for exciting information on our upcoming products and events.

KOSÉ Singapore

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Death of a Golden Boy

No, I dun personally know Allan Ooi. In fact, I was not even aware of his existence till 6 march 2009, when I saw his name and photo splashed across the papers.

Allan was what some of us would termed "triple threat" or what others would called "triple blessed"; good looking, rich and smart. A lethal combination of the perfect guy. He was the crème de la crème of high society.

But it seemed that he was also unhappy and depressed.

He seemed to have everything going for him until his tragic death.

The papers wrote that he was found dead under a bridge in Melbourne. Suicide? Murder?

Suicide, more likely? Since he went AWOL from work since last October and did not contact his family or friends since then. Running away? From life? Work? Family? Relationship?

Was it stress? Depression? Work? Relationship? Gambling debt? Did he contact some terminal disease?

Who knows?

I have been reading online about the conspiracy cover-up theory regarding David, the dead foreign student in the NTU stabbing.

What about Allan? Maybe there was some conspiracy somewhere out there?

Maybe he was abducted by Aliens and zapped to Melbourne? Or maybe he joined some religious cult?

Allan was a SAF doctor. He was working for the government military. Maybe he discovered some dark apalling secrets and ran away. And.........make your own conspiracy theory.

Blah! Some of things are just conspiracy theories. Created by people who could not believe that Allan would do the tragic thing he did. People trying to explain what could have happened. People trying to make sense of the final days of a beloved, trying to piece together using what knowledge they had of him.

But frankly, only Allan would know what really happened from Oct last year to Mar this year.

What could drive a seemingly perfect guy over the edge?

If someone like Allan Ooi could ever be depressed and unhappy despite all that he had, in spite of what he was, then what hopes did we mere mortals have?

I am not just talking about Allan Ooi materialistic wealth, background and possessions. He was also said to be charming, charismatic, sociable, intelligent, brilliant and humorous. He was also sporty and competitive. Everything every man wanted to be and the man every woman wanted to be with.

Did you know Allan Ooi has 563 friends on Facebook? How could some one with 563 friends on Facebook, not have someone close to talk to in real life?

Not even 5 close friends in real life that he could confide in? That's only about 1% of those friends in Face Book. Were they really his friends or just blind stats figures in Facebook? Did he really personally know, met or spoke to all 563 friends before? Or were more than half, just strangers and acquaintances?

Frankly, whats the use of so many friends in Facebook then, if you not find even one to really talk to?

Personally, I have only about 5 % or even less number of friends on face book compared to Allan. If someone like him could not find someone to turn to, what hope did I have with less 10 friends on facebook?

Again, I say, if someone like Allan Ooi lost hope at times, what hopes does it hold for mere, ordinary mortals like us out there?

I was depressed once. In fact, more than once. I attempted suicide a few times. I just couldn't shake it off.

An elderly fellow once told me after my suicide, "Please do not be stupid anymore, and please dun do any more of those stupid things."

So suicide is stupid? Frankly, I felt that he could not understand. If you feel that suicidal thoughts and the very act of suicide itself are just plain stupid, then you definitely DO NOT really understand what I was going through. The pain. The emptiness. The vast sadness. All inside, eating you up.

Few people could understand THAT kind of internal pain. Pain and sadness that permeate the very being of life existence, down to the very pores and right into the minute cells. Unless one went through similar things before.

I could said to also have a cushy life, but I just could not drag myself out of the deep hole of abyss I was in then. It took me years and years to just shake that sadness and emptiness off. Till now, I am still haunted by that indescribable feeling of pain sometimes.

So yeah, I may not be in the same league as Allan the doctor, but I could sure understand SOME of the things he could have been through. The sadness, the depression, the thoughts of death, the pain etc.

Rest in peace, Allan. I hope you are at peace finally.


The Straits Times
6 Mar 2009

SAF doc dead in Melbourne

Body under a bridge; he was absent without leave from SAF from Oct

By Jermyn Chow

A 27-YEAR-OLD Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) doctor, absent without official leave since last October, has been found dead in Melbourne.

The body of Captain (Dr) Allan Ooi was found under the Westgate Bridge in the south Australian city on Tuesday, police from the state of Victoria told The Straits Times.

The 2,600m long bridge across the Yarra River is a vital link between the city centre and Melbourne's western suburbs.

A police spokesman there said the young man was seen getting out of his car on the bridge before 4am that day, and that the police did not believe anyone else was involved in the incident.

She added that witnesses were still being interviewed and that a report was being prepared for the Coroner's Court.

Capt (Dr) Ooi had not been to work since last October and the SAF had been trying - unsuccessfully - to get in touch with him, said Mindef spokesman Colonel Darius Lim.

Allan Ooi1

Capt (Dr) Ooi was believed to have been in Melbourne all this while, though it is not known where in the city he was, nor with whom he was staying.

In a statement issued to The Straits Times from Melbourne, his brother Adrian said: 'He was a gifted doctor and a kind and respected friend. But to us, he was and always will be our beloved son and brother.'

It is unclear when the family will be returning home with the body, but Adrian said the family hoped to 'celebrate Allan's 27 years of achievements and life with us with very fond memories of a remarkable person'.


The Straits Times
6 Mar 2009

An all-rounder, go-getter

AN ALL-ROUNDER who excelled at everything, the death of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) doctor Allan Ooi shocked all who knew him.

The 28-year-old was found dead below a busy bridge in Melbourne on Tuesday. He had disappeared for months, including having gone AWOL (absent without official leave) from the army since October last year. The SAF had tried unsuccessfully to contact him, according to a spokesman.

Allan Ooi2

A friend who went to medical school with Capt Ooi, speaking to The New Paper on condition of anonymity, said that Capt Ooi was the 'most brilliant' person he knew and 'excelled at everything he put his mind to'.

He recalled that Capt Ooi picked up the popular game 'Warcraft' really quickly, and in a short time, became one of the top 10 Warcraft players in Singapore and was among the top 100 in the world. The friend added that, unlike most medical school students he knew, Capt Ooi had a 'rich life' outside of school. 'He was a sportsman - he swam competitively, and was an excellent pool player. He was also really funny, with a great sense of humour,' the friend added.

An alumnus of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Capt Ooi was a school water polo player and swimmer. TNP reported that he was a go-getter who also took part in pageants such as the International Man Singapore pageant where he was crowned Mr Continents in 2001, and the Mr Singapore pageant, which he won the same year.

Capt Ooi also emerged near the top of his cohort in Officer Cadet School and then Medical Officers Cadet Corps.

It is believed that Capt Ooi had suddenly left home and flown to Melbourne, but it is not known who he had been living with there.

A family friend, who declined to be named, said it was known that Capt Ooi had been unhappy at work 'for a long time'. He had been serving his bond with the SAF and left friends and family bewildered when he left without a word. It is not known how many years of his bond he had served.

Melbourne police are still speaking to witnesses and are preparing a report that will be sent to the Melbourne Coroner's Court, TNP reported. A spokesman for the Melbourne police said Capt Ooi was seen getting out of his car on the bridge before 4am on Tuesday.

'Allan had a magnetic personality and loved his family deeply,' said a friend. A poignant statement, as his family is in Melbourne, making arrangements for his body to be flown back to Singapore.


The New Paper
8 Mar 2009


He was stylish, well-connected

SAF captain was popular with high society

HE WAS featured in society magazine Singapore Tatler and was said to have dated celebrity blogger Dawn Yang.

By Crystal Chan

HE WAS featured in society magazine Singapore Tatler and was said to have dated celebrity blogger Dawn Yang.

Then, Singapore Armed Forces doctor Allan Ooi Seng Teik, 28, went Awol (absent without official leave) and left for Australia.

Captain (Dr) Ooi, who was found dead under the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne on Tuesday, came from a family of doctors and had friends in high society.

One of his friends, who declined to be named, told The New Paper that she was shocked to hear about his death.'I knew him and his brother, Adrian,' she said.

'I can't believe he died so suddenly. He was always cheerful when I saw him.'

She got to know Capt Ooi through mutual friends and often saw him at parties.

In 2007, a Singapore Tatler writer approached CaptOoi.

Said the friend: 'The magazine was looking to feature good-looking and stylish personalities and he fit the bill. He was quite 'on' about it as he had an outgoing personality.

'During the interview, he was asked about his relationships and he said that an ex-girlfriend had let him down, but didn't elaborate.'

She described Capt Ooi as a metrosexual who dressed in Paul Smith and designer clothes.

She said: 'He certainly looked like a rich boy, a stylish guy. He drove a Mazda MX5 then and liked Calvin Klein clothes.'

Around that time, there were several postings on Internet forums which claimed that Capt Ooi had courted Ms Yang, 23.

The friend said: 'I sent Allan an SMS, asking if the rumours were true but all he would say was that he knew Dawn.'

Capt Ooi's account on social networking site Facebook lists Ms Yang as one of his friends.

Ms Yang, who is studying in New York University, could not be reached for comment.

Allegedly unhappy at work

The last time the friend was in touch with Capt Ooi was late last year, when she sent him an SMS asking after him.

She said: 'Before that, he had asked me to go clubbing, but I didn't as I'm not into it. He was an avid clubber and often went to Zouk.'

Capt Ooi had told her that he was unhappy at his job in SAF.

SAF had given him a study award that required him to be bonded after graduation.

She said: 'He talked about leaving SAF but he didn't say why.

'Even then, I didn't think there would be any problems. Even if he wanted to break the bond, he could have easily paid it off as his family is rich.'

The friend does not know when and why CaptOoi went to Melbourne, but said he had friends who work there.

Capt Ooi's Facebook account lists four friends who studied at the RMIT University in Melbourne.

Former MTV veejay Nadya Hutagalung and rapper Sheikh Haikel were also listed as Capt Ooi's friends on Facebook.

It is not known how many years of his bond CaptOoi had served.

Capt Ooi's father, Dr Alex Ooi, 58, is a well-known gynaecologist and former president of the Tanglin Club.

His mother, Dr Lucy Ooi, 56, was a vice-president of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine and founding president of the Association of Women Doctors (Singapore).

Capt Ooi's elder brother, Adrian, is a doctor at the Singapore General Hospital.

His friend said he enjoyed card games and played bridge and poker with his friends.

One of his friends, Dr Elaine Neo, daughter of Dr Lily Neo, a Member of Parliament for Jalan Besar GRC, was too distraught to talk about her friend's death when The New Paper called her.

All she would say was: 'It's not the time to talk about this.'

But there was apparently another side to Capt Ooi.

Some of his friends said he also played poker for money.

A clip on video-sharing website YouTube showing Capt Ooi losing money to one of his friends after a poker game has been removed.

Capt Ooi's untimely death has prompted some bloggers to pen entries in his memory.

Mr Garry Huang, who was in the same basic military training (BMT) batch as Capt Ooi, wrote: 'It was quite a shock when I read in the papers today about the Awol and demise of Allan, especially in such unusual circumstances.

'He was a good pal in BMT, and very hardworking and promising. Frankly, he was quite an inspiration - I wanted to be like him in many areas.'

He added: 'I don't know why you went Awol, or why your body was found under the bridge in Melbourne, but I hope the answers will be found soon.'

A spokesman for the Melbourne police said evidence is still being gathered and will be presented to a coroner.

Dr Adrian Ooi declined to speak when The New Paper called him yesterday.

He said: 'I'm sorry, but it's a very bad time for my family. We're trying to arrange a lot of things.

'We're hoping Allan's body will be back within the next week.'

Honours grad supervise grass cutting

Read this from a forum I frequent sometimes. Not linking to the actual posts in the forum cos I am not promoting the forum and also cos I dun really like that forum.

The thread starter is some one with a honors degree whose core job responsibilities is supervising grass cutting.

Frankly, SO was in a similar position. And now he is senior management! So he's probably the boss of the boss of the boss of someone like thread starter.

And SO has been in the job for over 14 years. And he has only low class honors. Oops! Lower class honors.

Frankly, the TS is a bit pathetic.

Sometimes it depends on one's perspectives. Whether one sees the job as a challenge or a chore. For example, if the boss gives you a project, do you whine "Gosh, more work, more overtime!!" or do you see it as a opportunity to learn something new or that the project is given to you cos the boss thinks you can do it well?

Figure it out.

I got more to say about this when I am not sick, so come back a few days later....




Mar 4 2009, 07:43 AM

I graduated from NUS with an honors degree in 2003, and did some early work in a ministry. It was a typical admin job, preparing reports, writing minutes, etc. that didn't develop really useful professional skills.

Currently for the past 3 years I have been working in a stat board, where I .... supervise grasscutting everyday. It's a core duty. I make sure grasscutters leave grass no longer than 2 cm tall, and also ensure they empty rubbish bins daily. Needless to say, you don't need an honors degree for this. So for the past 3 years I haven't developed useful skills that are sought after in any company at all.

The thing is, I'm getting old, and with this lack of professional skills (i only have admin experience) it is very very hard to get a job that is not entry level. Most of my friends are already managers and directors, and I'm still supervising grasscutting.

What is the way out?

And do private sector jobs place more emphasis on developing useful skills in people? In my jobs so far the courses I get sent for are very generic, like 'handling difficult people', 'speed reading', 'national education', 'being a good wits suggestor', etc.


Mar 4 2009, 07:04 PM

That's the problem. Whenever I tell people I supervise grasscutting the immediate reaction is to laugh at me, thinking I'm joking. But when they realize I'm serious they cannot believe it.

The thing is, I'm also not being developed in any useful way here,. so I don't have skills that other companies want. I was recently sent for a course in.. operating a crane! This kind of stuff is done by foreign workers and I, with an honors degree, am doing it now. It's not those PSA-type cranes. It's that small bucket thing behind a truck.

So some might say, at least it's a useful skill. Yes, if I want to be a laborer. But which company wants to pay honors degree holder pay to a laborer?

And so we have an incredible paradox here.


Mar 5 2009, 08:14 AM

Actually, I had been looking for a new job since my 2nd week there. I sent out more than 30 applications in 2008 and only got called for 2 interviews. I realized the job sucked when on day 1 I was in the blazing sun for 5 hours. 1 month later it was still the same... 1 year later too. And it's been the same almost everyday since.

So far for 2009 I've sent out 10 applications so far, only 1 interview as of now.


Mar 5 2009, 08:20 AM

Anyway my degree is in biology. 2nd class upper.

The rest of the people in my workplace all have diplomas in horticulture.
But the bosses didn't tell me that when I applied.

In fact the interview for my job was so difficult, you'd think it was some kind of elite position. Did 2 interviews for other positions in the same organization, didn't get past the first interview. Then months later got this interview, was interrogated about all my skills for more than an hour, spoke about my IT project management, my background in the quasi-medical field from my previous jobs, etc.

And now I supervise grasscutting and listen to complaints about leaves falling into peoples houses, cats from the wild going into their house, this tree too tall, grass too long, that tree ugly, "i don't like the color of this tree you planted", etc.

Naturally this is not my place.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lustful men, proud women - 7 deadly sins

The Straits Times
Feb 20, 2009

Lustful men, proud women

Vatican report lists their different vices

VATICAN CITY: Lust leads men to sin. For women, pride is their biggest downfall.

This, according to a new Vatican report, is how the sexes struggle differently with the seven deadly sins of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth.

The report was based on a study of confessions carried out by a 96-year-old Jesuit scholar, British media reported.

Pope Benedict XVI's personal theologian has backed the report. Monsignor Wojciech Giertych said there was 'no sexual equality' when it came to sin.

'Men and women sin in different ways,' he wrote in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper.

Pride ranks only at No. 5 for men, who are likely to have indulged in so much lust and gluttony that they are too slothful to feel angry, proud, envious or avaricious, the Times of London said.

Women are not averse to lust, but are primarily occupied with pride, envy and anger. Sloth does not set in until after gluttony and avarice, the British newspaper added.

'When you look at vices from the point of view of the difficulties they create, you find that men experiment in a different way from women,' Monsignor Giertych said.

His own observations had confirmed the survey, an analysis of confessional data carried out by Father Roberto Busa, 96, a Jesuit priest celebrated for his computerised study of the works of St Thomas Aquinas.

He said: 'Diverse cultural contexts generate diverse habits - but human nature remains the same.'

Monsignor Giertych said that human weaknesses could 'purify faith' provided that they were 'admitted and offered up to God'.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the seven deadly sins, which carry the threat of eternal damnation, can only be forgiven by confession and penance, the Daily Mail said.

However, 30 per cent of Catholics no longer considered confession to a priest necessary, and 10 per cent even said that it 'impeded their personal dialogue with God', the Times report said.

Many believers accept the broad seven deadly sins or 'capital vices' laid down in the 6th century by Pope Gregory the Great and popularised in the Middle Ages by Aquinas, and by Dante in The Inferno. These are:

# Lust: Excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature.

# Gluttony: Over-consumption of or overly indulging in anything to the point of waste.

# Sloth: The failure to utilise one's talents and gifts.

# Anger: Inordinate and uncontrolled feelings that can manifest as vehement denial of the truth or self-denial, or generally wishing to do evil or harm to others.

# Pride: The desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to compliment others and excessive love of self.

# Envy: Resentment of another person for having something one lacks, and wishing the other person to be deprived of it.

# Greed: Excessive acquisition of material goods.

Last year, the Vatican added seven new ones: genetic modification; human experimentation; polluting the environment; social injustice; causing poverty; 'financial gluttony'; and taking or selling drugs.

Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, the Vatican body that oversees confessions, said that two mortal sins which continued to preoccupy the Vatican were abortion and paedophilia.

The latter had even infected the clergy itself, and so had exposed the 'human and institutional fragility of the Church'.

Pope Benedict, who reportedly confesses his sins once a week, last year issued his own voice of disquiet on the subject.

'We are losing the notion of sin,' he said. 'If people do not confess regularly, they risk slowing their spiritual rhythm.'

Free Kose Mask White sample!!

Just got this from another blog. Kose is giving out free Mask White samples!

This is actually a black peel off mask. A full tube retails about $38.

The mask is supposedly able to remove impurities and whitens the skin.


So just fill in your name, NRIC, email and contact number, print out the redemption form which would be sent by email and collect the free sample.

Collection is at various KOSE outlets.


And Oh ya, WHILE STOCKS LAST and limited to one per identity card.


Updated 10 Mar 2009

Dun bother trying. I went down to Kose at Taka with my printout and was told that the samples have been fully redeemed! Same with other locations.

Damn! Dun think I would believe such things again.

Wasted my paper printing for such "freebies".

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NTU Stabbing

I was discussing this with SO.

What a waste of a young life? What happened to make a maths genius go bonkers?

Frankly, if I was him, and I really want vengeance or something, I would have stabbed the other person a few more times and deeper, since after all, I would be dead a few mins later, by suicide, by jumping.

I was nearly there and thus I understand the feeling of almost losing everything in life.

Maybe that's what he felt? That his life was over? That desperation? That loss? That drove him over the edge?

I am no psycho but there were times I really feel like stabbing someone. That great was my rage.

But that was when I was younger and angrier. Some years back.

These days, very few things can ruffle my feathers to the extend that I would want to kill someone.

I suppose that age mellows a person.


Channel News Asia
2 Mar 2009

Singapore's NTU stabbing incident leaves one dead and another injured

SINGAPORE: A final-year engineering student at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) jumped from a campus block after stabbing a professor on Monday morning.

The professor was in his office at the engineering faculty when the student stabbed him in the back with a knife, leaving him injured.

After stabbing the professor, the male student - who was in his 20s - slit his wrists and jumped off a five-storey building.

Police said they received a call about the incident at 10.35am, and arrived to find the student dead at the bottom of the engineering block.

Eyewitnesses had also told Channel NewsAsia that a person had been stabbed, and that a student, believed to be an Indonesian-Chinese had slit his wrists before jumping off a building.

An NTU spokesman later confirmed that a final year student from the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was involved in the stabbing.

It, however, did not name the two people involved, and only said that their next-of-kin had been notified.

The student is said to be 21-year-old David Hartanto Widjaja and the professor is believed to be Chan Kap Luk, who was left with injuries on his back and arm.

Widjaja was a former president of the NTU Electronic Sports Club.

Professor Chan, a Singaporean in his 40s, was sent to the National University Hospital for treatment and is said to be in a stable condition.

The professor has been with NTU's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since June 1992.

Professor Chan, who is Deputy Director of the Biomedical Engineering Research Centre at NTU, is said to have been the supervisor of the student in a project.

NTU's president, Su Guaning, pledged to help the families of the professor and student and has mobilised its counselling professionals to help. He also said the matter will be investigated thoroughly.

"The university is deeply shocked and saddened by what has happened... The university community will rally together at this difficult time and do our utmost to help the student's family, the professor and his family, and those traumatised by the incident," added Dr Su.

Speaking to the media at the NUH in the evening, Dr Su said Professor Chan might be discharged in a few days. The stab wound in the professor's back was "deep" but no vital organs were injured. His arm was also not "too badly hurt".

It is understood that at the time of the incident, Widjaja was discussing his final-year project with Professor Chan, as he had difficulty obtaining a pass grade.

Dr Su said Widjaja was a "very good student" whose grades had slipped recently, but he was still considered above average. He said Professor Chan had expressed regret that he could not help his student earlier.

The NTU president said he hopes to prevent such an incident from happening again. "I think it's an overall pastoral care system that is necessary. We've already set up such a thing, with the Student Affairs Office, many counsellors keeping an eye on students with problems.

"Unfortunately, the student never showed that he had problems. ... We would like to review the system to see how we can pick out better students who have such problems, even if they don't communicate with others."

- 938LIVE/CNA/sf/ir

Monday, March 2, 2009

Animated Wonder Woman trailer

I saw this animated Wonder Woman trailer some weeks back. Looks promising.

This animation movie even has its own Facebook, Twitter and Myspace page.

Wonder Woman here was voiced by Keri Russell (Waitress, Felicity). Yeah, the big hair girl from Felicity. I dun recalled her having a very assertive voice. Wondering if she could pull this off?

The cheesy Wonder Woman trailer

I was searching for the animated Wonder Woman trailer when I came across this video in youtube.

Gosh it was so cheesy that it was beyond cheesy. The trailer was created by this fan of Joss hedon and she wanted to be that unknown to play the part. So she created this audition trailer.

Rather than hurt her feelings and posting my comments on youtube, I would rather post my comments here.

Well, the trailer was simply too corny for words. That fan did took some effort to create this audition trailer, but frankly, she is just not that pretty enough to play Wonder Woman.

In certain parts of the trailer, Wonder Woman looked like a drag queen and she has this sort of longish, horsey face. Too much make up?

PUSH trailer

SO was looking forward to this trailer when we went to the movies yesterday. However, it was not shown there.

And boy, he was pissed when he found out I saw the trailer on TV some days back.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Just saw this movie trailer while I was watching American Idol.

I certainly did not know the movie was completed. Frankly, I thought it was still in casting or production stages.

Awesome! Looking forward to the movie!