Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deluded and GAY!

This is the new facebook status of AP.

A few days ago, he posted something that made me think he was deluded. And then this status statement came out and I think he is not only deluded but also gay.

Maybe he is having some sort of mid life crisis or identity crisis?

Does this not come out from the mouth of someone gay? A straight man would not say something like this....
mite not like e baggy jeans..but i mite like whats underneath it...wld u b my filipino boy....LOL

And yeah, I have always suspected that AP is gay. He is not that gayish and gets along with people of both sexes. But people his age are mostly dads and granddads. And he is still hanging out with boys half his age. And having sleepovers, as I suspected, looking at the photos in his facebook.

Hmmm....Who does it remind you of?

The Gloved One. For those too dumb to understand...Michael Jackson!

Yeah, yeah, I am minding my own business.

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